Helping Business Owners to develop and grow through practical help and support

Running a business is hard.

We know the challenges and we are here to help.

You can be safe in the knowledge that our staff have over 60 years of combined knowledge. With a range of experience from running their own businesses to being Global Corporate Board Level Directors.

With specialist knowledge and competence in;



Business to Business

Business to Customer

We know what you're going through!

Business Support, Mentoring and Coaching

Who said running a business is easy?

The pressures on a business owner can be overwhelming.

Do you experience...

Worries about where the next job or project is coming from?

Fears about cash flow and how am I going to pay all the bills.

Concerns that you are spending all your time at work.

Disruptions to family and home life.

You can access the help to build and create all the strategies within your business that will ensure the rhythmic acquisition of customers.

With 121 business coaching you develop the clarity of direction, the vision of what the future could be and the practical strategy to get you there…..guaranteed!

Are you...

Looking to develop an Exit Strategy in the next 3-5 years?

Looking to sell your business and sail off into the sunset?

Want to be able to take a 2-month holiday, safe in the knowledge that your business will be fine when you get back?

You can achieve this with the help and support of the

MASTERPLAN programme.

Be guided and mentored you through a 9-stage process that will, step by step, lead you to the point that "I don't work Fridays"

Construction Industry

The Construction Industry can be a difficult world to build and grow a business.

Margins are tight, Work can be sporadic. Whether you work of Domestic Clients or for Principal Contractors each bring their own challenges.

Most Construction business have grown from the owner being good at whatever it is that you do; Plumber, Builder, Electrician, Architect.

You one day find that you have 5 teams of people with 5 Vans, a Yard, an office, and you’re still the head operative.

You’ve not built a business you’ve built a very difficult job.

This is where we are here to help. Let us help you develop the rhythmic activity that will allow you to build and grow your business with the understanding as to where your next customer, project of Contract is coming from.

  • Implement tried and tested strategies

  • Measure the results

  • Build reputation that is tangible

  • Become the go to business for your region, niche, or Client

Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry can be one of the most unpredictable to choose as a profession.

How many Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, or Pubs have you seen pop up and then 6 months later they’ve changed hands or have closed?

The industry is always seen as the 1st that is affected by an economic squeeze. It is seasonal, to some there appears no rhyme of reason why one Wednesday is packed, and the next Wednesday is empty.

What’s the difference between a chef who starts a catering business and 20 years later realises they’ve basically created a job, not a business, and another who starts a catering business and in 10 years has 16 locations and then sells it for a multi-million-pound payout? The difference isn’t in the food…. It’s in the marketing and selling of the food.

This is where Chip25 can help. We have expert coaches that can help develop the rhythmic activity within your business that will help it grow.

  • Fill tables at time when it's quiet

  • Create offers that truly work

  • Develop new marketing strategies and utilise multiple marketing pillars

Business to Business

Business to Consumer

Whether you are a B2B business providing work or services to other businesses or a B2C business where you sell direct to individuals or groups the prospect of finding new customers can be daunting.

Gone are the days of relying on “Word of mouth” or just referrals to grow your business. These are not a strategy for growth.

Presenting your business differently is the key. Separating you from all the other business in your sector means that you cannot be compared to them.

Finding new ways to get that next conversation or opportunity to quote along with a nurture process to ensure that ultimately it is you that they will buy from is critical.

This is what we do to help you.

  • Make your business stand out from the crowd

  • Deeply understand the wants and needs of your customer

  • Answer all their concerns and fears

  • Build and grow in a structured and sustainable way

The Chip25 Guarantee

We guarantee the results from our 121 coaching.

We will guarantee that we will have grown your business by more than it costs to engage us within 6 months or we will pay you back two times your overall investment in our support.

Therefore we are risk free for you as a business owner!

Coaching businesses to take them to the next level

Having a business coach is similar to learning to drive a car.

If you want to drive a car there is nothing stopping, you from going out and buying a car.

Your best friend can tell you that it's easy - all you need to do is put your foot on the clutch - pop it into gear - press the accelerator and off you go!

Thats not how you learn to drive.....!

You start with a driving instructor. They show you how all the controls work. They guide you on how to position you car on the road. The teach you all the rules of the road.

Ultimately when you pass your test you don't need the instructor anymore.

That is what business coaching is like. We teach you all the things thatmake a business work and grow. Ultimately, we want to get you to the point that you don't need us anymore!